I'm a Florida based web designer & front‑end developer focused on bringing your web projects to life.

Here are some of my latest projects.

Built with Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL

Rooster-Phoenix is a fictious company, but this landing page is real! This showcases my design for functionality; this page was written entirely from scratch. Forms submitted are sent to a MySQL database via PHP, as well as tracking data from lead services. This data can then be ported to a CRM such as Zoho, Salesforce, or Insightly.

Built with WordPress, HTML, and CSS

Artistry in Motion is a Vero Beach based dance company, with multiple dance disciplines, ranging from ballet, to modern, to even hip-hop and jazz. The owner wanted a site that could serve as hub for news, information, scheduling, photos, and more.

Built with JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS

To-Do App is a simple, but functional web-based "to-do" app that runs via CodePen. The core logic is based on jQuery and Javascript.

To stay updated on any other code snippets I might be working on, visit my Codepen here.

But wait—there's more! Click here for a full list of the work I've done:

A little bit about me.

Hello. My name is Olivier Coq, and I'm a Florida-based web developer and designer. My main passion is hard-coding; there's something challenging and rewarding about getting your hands dirty in the code, finding solutions to web problems, and bringing web-based project ideas to life.

While the majority of my work is front-end, I've integrated front-end structures with back-end on multiple projects (including this website!) and am currently delving deeper into the back end with every opportunity I get.

What about my skills? (for the more technically-inclined)

I do the majority of my work using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL. For shorter production time and added quality, I use frameworks such as Bootstrap and CLI build tools such as Grunt, Git and Sass. If a client requests, I can build WordPress based sites as well as creating and deploying WordPress themes—however, I use various types of CMSs, including Anymod, custom made (this website!), and others!

So what can I do for you?

A more in-depth look at what I can offer for your next web project.

Custom Web Development and Design

Custom Web Design

If you are in need of a highly specific design that can't be offered by the standard run-of-the-mill website creators such as Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly.

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Custom Web Development

If you are in need of custom functionality (usually in tandem with custom design), CMS and plugin-free. For ex., Log-in forms, private vs public facing pages, database connection, or shopping cart integration.

Wordpress Development and Design

WordPress/CMS Development

If you are in need of a custom WordPress themes, website deployment and hosting, plugin integration. Available to work with other CMS options as well, such as Anymod.

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